Oprah gave Gayle some LOL lipstick feedback

Ask Liz Lemon about her religious beliefs, and she’ll respond, “I pretty much just do whatever Oprah tells me to.”  Good thinking. Except that not everyone is actually a member of that congregation, as Oprah’s real life BFF just nicely pointed out to her.

If you’re up to date on your Oprah viewing, or subscribe to her O Magazine, or just know a whole lot about Oprah in general, the lady’s BFF is Gayle King. The two go way waaaaaay back, and love one another enough to point out when the other slips up a little bit — like all BFFs should do. But as Gayle writes on her Instagram, Oprah recently gave her a little bit of advice that she wasn’t so quick to take.

Gayle is a co-host on CBS This Morning, and like a good BFF, Oprah clearly watches it every single morning. Yesterday, sitting in her living room surrounded by all of her favorite things, Oprah thought that Gayle’s lipstick was a little TOO red. So Oprah called and told Gayle to tell her makeup artist to lay off the bold shade. Except, well, Gayle had done the lipstick herself. Whoops.

This isn’t about to start a rift between the two ladies, and their friendship will probably outlast everything else on this green Earth, lipstick kerfuffle aside. And besides, your friends are allowed to call you out on makeup blunders, especially when they happen on national TV. That’s what besties are for.

(Image via Harpo Productions)


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