Oprah did *not* approve of Gayle’s necklace and it was the realest BFF moment ever

Fact: Friends don’t let friends go on TV wearing distracting jewelry. We can’t take credit for those words of friend and fashion wisdom, but since Oprah totally dissed the necklace Gayle wore on CBS This Morning on Tuesday, the media maven can officially add that tip to the list of all the things she knows for sure about finding success.

Seriously, though: Everyone knows that certain wardrobe faux pas can hold you back, and since Oprah obviously has her BFF’s interest at heart, we’re not surprised to hear what she said about Gayle’s bib necklace, even if it is brutally honest.

According to People, Oprah’s bestie revealed the fashion tip with an Instagram post:

Well, damn. Calling her necklace a “circus” was way harsh, Tai, but this isn’t the first time Oprah has laid down the law about one of Gayle’s on-air looks.  Last year, Oprah took issue with Gayle’s red lippie, saying the shade was “waaaay too red:”

Actually, Oprah that shade was waaay too real.

Gotta love these two! We can only imagine the hilarious exchanges that take place when they’re getting their wardrobes together for a joint appearance, but it’s clear that Oprah is a straight savage when it comes to doling out styling tips.