Opening Ceremony kicks off new beauty section by adding seven different Korean skincare brands

It’s only a matter of time before big name clothing retailers realize that getting in on the beauty game is worth their while. The latest brand to dip their toes in the cosmetic waters? None other than the preternaturally cool Opening Ceremony. Yup, the brand is introducing Korean beauty products! It’s only logical — people want to get as much of their shopping done in one place, and skincare and makeup are taking high priority in people’s lives these days. As self-care becomes more important in our daily routines, we want affordable options that are really high quality, dependable beauty products.

Opening Ceremony will be bringing in 28 Korean beauty products to help round out their collection for the holiday season.

This botanical mask pack is only $30!


They’re starting with 7 different brands and there are plans for them to expand their beauty section even more after the new year! Hello, gorgeous skin!

They’ll be available both in stores and online — the best of both worlds!

The Co-Founder Carol Lim spoke to WWD about their venture into beauty:

“This holiday felt like a really good time to introduce a capsule of different brands that we researched high and low to offer our customer an entry into what’s super exciting in beauty and especially in Korean beauty.

Makes sense to us!

The products were all thoughtfully vetted. The team at Opening Ceremony decided to get individual products that functioned more simply and could be used on-the-go as opposed to a more traditional or complex 10-step Korean beauty set.

You’ll see such Korean beauty faves such as Memebox and SkinRx Lab, nail polish from Son & Park, and some of your favorite Too Cool for School finds.

This body moisturizer is only $36!


Did they get this one with the country’s post-election general vibe in mind? Either way, at $3 you can’t go wrong!


What do you think? Are you gonna snag something for yourself next time you find yourself on their site? If it’s any help, they’re having a pretty massive 40% off sale on select items in case you needed a little motivation!

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