Open Puppies is the best thing to happen to the Internet this week

Attention: I’ve officially found my favorite page on the Internet. It’s a website called Open Puppies, and it lets you do just that—open large gifs of adorable puppies.

The first time I opened the site, I was greeted by a full-screen gif of two Huskies playing. The scene was perfect: A spry little Husky puppy was batting at a full-grown Husky dog’s nose; the older one was a little annoyed, but allowed it. It was everything. I thought, There’s no way this could get any better. And then, I pressed the space bar.

A Shiba Inu puppy appeared. He was pouncing around on the floor, being teased by his owner, who was just out of frame. I could have watched the gif loop forever, but I knew there was more to enjoy, so I pressed the space bar again.

And then appeared a dog playing INSIDE SOMEBODY’S HOUSE with a CAPYBARA. A capy freaking bara! Just a gif of a dog licking a capybara and being its best friend. After that, I needed a break before my brain exploded from the cuteness.

Open Puppy also has options to download each gif, or add a puppy gif of your own. But it goes beyond the cuteness that meets the eye—Open Puppy encourages you to adopt! It even links to available pets on Petango, an online adoption service. I’m currently obsessing over a very smiley miniature Daschund mix named Plushy.

Basically, Open Puppy is an endless stream of large looping puppy gifs that support a great cause. What else could you want? What else is there? Bookmark this page for your next bad day, next breakup or any time you need a giggle.

(Featured image via Shutterstock)


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