Open Confessions of Cheating, LeAnn Rimes Style

Ugh, LeAnn Rimes, you are the worst.

Last year, Rimes checked into rehab for stress and anxiety (also, can I side note and say this is my least favorite thing that celebrities do? I digress!) and everyone started thinking that potentially something else was up in her life.

In case you missed the gossip memo the first time around, a few years back, Rimes got together with Eddie Cibrian, an actor she met on the set of their movie Northern Lights, even though he was definitely married with two kids at the time. So basically, “got together” is my nicer way of saying “had a straight up affair”. Cibrian and Rimes made their relationship public even before he filed for divorce from Brandi Glanville, and to top it all off, he was pretty heartless about the whole thing, basically telling Glanville to get over it.

Rimes was also married at the time to Dean Sheremet, a backup dancer she met during the CMAs. She was also relatively unregretful about the affair scandal, and NOW sings very openly about the affair (which resulted in her marriage to Cibrian) on her new album, the aptly titled Spitfire.

The tracklisting for Spitfire is not entirely available yet, but the song ‘Borrowed’, clearly about the affair, is. In case you have ever been tempted to be “the other woman”, Rimes’ guileless confessions should steer you away from temptation:

The other two songs from the album thus far, “What Have I Done?” and “Where I Stood”, seem to be directed more as an apology to Sheremet than a love ballad to Cibrian, though I cannot really imagine Rimes’ ex-husband feeling comforted by a song that is basically saying “sorry I’m not sorry”. It kind of made me sick and sad to hear the country twang lyrics about hurting a loved one.

Rimes speaks openly about the album, telling the The Daily Mail: “I don’t think I expected the album to be this honest, but I found that the emotions just came pouring out of me. It was liberating and cathartic to write, but it wasn’t easy.”

I feel a bit of empathy for Rimes’ situation – you can’t help who you love, yadda yadda yadda – but at the same time, someone who has an affair, leaves her husband, is relatively unapologetic about it and then checks into rehab because she cannot stand the pressure of the media accusing her of a downward spiral? Ehhh. Get it together, lady.

And how about you don’t get married if you aren’t ready to commit? How about we all just agree on that one?


Featured image via leeannrimesworld.