You can now open a can without a can opener, the mysteries of the universe have been solved

Don’t you hate when you’re camping, only to realize you forgot to bring a can opener or knife to open your canned dinner with? Well, now you can try out CrazyRussianHacker’s method and open a can without a can opener. Whaaaat? Now, we’ve really seen it all. Prepare to be amazed.

In his “How to Open a Can without Can Opener – Zombie Survival Tips #20″ video, CrazyRussianHacker uses two key things to open a can of what looks like tuna: a piece of concrete (“you can find [a] concrete piece anywhere on the street,” he said) and his hands. Then, CrazyRussianHacker flips the can upside down and rubs it against the concrete. Eventually, this wears the can down. He then stops, turn the can back over again, and squeezes it. Sure enough, it comes loose and then the top is ready to be pulled back. And voilà — tuna (or the canned meal of your choosing) for everyone!

Big ups to CrazyRussianHacker for his creative and resourceful method. After all, desperate times cause for improvisational solutions. Maybe the 2013 video is gaining popularity and going viral because of all the chaos in the world and people want to be ready for anything, just like we learned in Boy and Girl Scouts long ago: “Be prepared.” Or maybe some people really think the zombie apocalypse is coming — I know zombies are “in” again — and we should learn all the Zombie Survival Tips we can. I know I will. Can’t hurt.

Whatever the case may be, people have not only watched the video — almost 29 million times! — but also left comments and tried it out for themselves. In short, it works!

YouTube viewers had a lot to say about CrazyRussianHacker’s video, too.

However, some people were afraid of cutting themselves on the can. (This is valid. I’m sure we’ve all done it when using an actual can opener, not even a concrete block!)

Another worried that this can-opening method would do more harm than good.

And yet another person thought more about the effect this type of can-opening would have on the zombies (not us). Good point.

I don’t think we need to wait for a zombie apocalypse, though, to try out CrazyRussianHacker’s can-opening method. According to YouTube, he has 733 videos under his CrazyRussianHacker alias alone, which means if you like the can opener one, you’ll probably like his other ones, too.

I checked some of them out and the survival tips actually work, like how to pick a lock, and WD 40 life hacks — how to remove everything from shoe scuff marks to marker remnants from dry erase board. (Those are the worst.) These could come in handy, zombie apocalypse or not, so I suggest you watch “How to Open a Can without Can Opener – Zombie Survival Tips #20.” Afterwards, you’ll get so into it that you’ll keep watching CrazyRussianHacker and his tips, prepared for any kind of apocalypse that comes your way.

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