Here’s how to open a can with a spoon, which is apparently easier than it sounds

Thanks to technology, we’re totally over archaic activities like independent thinking or manual labor, as well as particularly mundane tasks like opening cans. But if you’re ever lost in the woods with no electrical appliances in sight, you can still open canned food with a spoon.

What?! Don’t take this for granted. Plus, it’s infinitely better than having to choose from the not-so-appetizing array of insects you can eat because your can A) doesn’t have a peel-open top and B) you failed miserably while trying this other way of opening a can without a can opener (It has something to do with zombies).

Delish highlighted Dave Hax’s how-to video on performing this feat, and not only do we agree with their assessment that this method is ~genius~ but it’s also simpler than it sounds.

Basically all you need is the can, a little bit of elbow grease and a spoon. Why didn’t we think of this before?! OH RIGHT, TECHNOLOGY.

Welp, if we’re ever stranded in the wilderness and forced to split a family-sized can of pork ‘n beans, the first can opening attempt is on us.