Opal nails are taking over Instagram and we can’t look away

Allow us to introduce you to the newest trend in nail art: opal nails. This gorgeous manicure technique is named after the opal gemstone, obvs.

Most opals are technically white, but they’re known for their iridescence and the way they reflect light and color. Looking at one is kind of like looking at a rainbow made of glitter. (And who wouldn’t love to do that?) Ancient Bedouins even believed opals fell from the sky during thunderstorms and contained bits of lightning. All of the sparkly yes!

95% of the world’s opals are found in Australia, so it’s no surprise that a nail artist from Down Under is all over the opal nail technique. Zinya Langsford from Melbourne has designed opal press-on nails that are positively breathtaking.

Did we say gorgous? Because GORGEOUS. Zinya has created nails that cover pretty much the whole color range of the opal spectrum.

We love opal nails, so it’s easy to see why they seem to be taking over the world. Nail artists are creating amazing opal manicures all the way from Sweden…

To Moscow…

We’re in a never-ending beauty swoon. Manicure emojis forever.

[Images via Instagram.]

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