Opal hair is the latest beauty trend for you to covet

If you’ve spent the last year deliberating whether you love pastel rainbow hair or glowing gray granny hair more, rejoice! A fabulous new beauty trend is actually a perfect middle ground of shimmery pearls and Crayola hues – it’s called Opal Hair, and it will give you heart eyes for days.

The term Opal Hair was coined by celebrity colorist and part-time mad scientist Aura Friedman, who’s worked with fearless babes like Lady Gaga, M.I.A., and Sky Ferreira. Technically, this look requires extremely lightened blonde hair. When the right cool tones are added, the strands turn pearly, like the inside of an oyster. This iridescent white serves as the perfect palette for creamy pastel pinks, blues – all things unicorn.

Aura spoke to Style about how she invented Opal Hair. She said she played with the same toners that stars like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner are using to achieve that popular granny look. “When you’re using really ashy tones,” she said, “right before you get to gray, you get a pearl.” Sounds like getting good at creating Opal Hair included some trial and error — maybe not the best dye trend to try at home, or at least without a pal keeping close watch for over-toning.

When pastels are layered on top of the pearl, magic happens:

Aura revealed on her Instagram that she’s working on a darker hue of Opal Hair, which she’s calling Fresh Water Pearl. From this sneak peek, it seems that Aura is letting some of that ashy toner get darker gray before she adds blues, pinks, and purples. Check it out, it’s like a My Little Pony daydream:

Aura also told Style that people should play with color as much as possible. She suggested trying a tint — where you mix one part dye, four parts conditioner for a pale shade — or experimenting with reverse comorobré. Instead of brushing vibrant hues to the ends of your hair, add them to your roots! It’s sassy, fun, though maybe hard to upkeep once your natural hair color starts popping up.

TBH, all of these fabulous colors make me want to buy a closet full of wigs so I can have a new ‘do every day. Who’s with me?

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