Oops! Pope Francis Let an F-Bomb Slip During a Vatican Address

For those who follow the Catholic faith, Pope Francis is seen as a beacon of guidance and an example of goodness and oneness with God. However, despite his elevated status within the Church, one thing is for certain: the Pope is still very much human, and very capable of making mistakes.

On Sunday, while giving his weekly address in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis apparently ran into some pronunciation trouble when he mistakenly uttered the Italian word for “f**k”. Oops!

From The Telegraph:

While simple mistakes like this often make us laugh in our daily lives, you have to wonder what all the uproar is about. Pope Francis – very obviously a holy man who is well-intentioned and attempting to give a religious sermon – unfortunately fell victim to faulty language skills, an issue which is quite understandable when considering that Italian is certainly not his first language (he is Argentinian by birth).

While such a misstep might make us chuckle privately, I think it says more about those who found it so incredulous than it does about the Catholic leader himself. After all, a mistake – especially one from which Francis quickly and graciously recovered – is just that: a quick stumble, after which one continues as normal. In this case, the Pope continued his address and completed it successfully and yet, rather than the message he preached that day, the only thing anyone can seem to remember is the fact that the Pope accidentally let an f-bomb slip. Real mature, guys.

Featured image via The Guardian