Why it’s great to be single when all your friends are coupled up

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been that girl. The only single girl, while all of your other friends are paired up. It can be an interesting place to be. Sure, sometimes you could get down on yourself, wishing you had someone to cuddle up with at night. And maybe seeing their lovey-dovey posts on social media can feel like salt in a wound. And let’s not even talk about Valentine’s Day. Being single isn’t the hard part, but occasionally it can be difficult when all of your friends are either married or in committed relationships. But girl, do not fret, there are many upsides to being the only single girl in a world of relationships.

1. No more drama

You have heard your fair share of relationship drama from your gal pals. Haley always complains to you that her man doesn’t ever listen to her, while Laura constantly vents to you about her partner’s constant liking of other girl’s selfies. As you sit and listen and sip that glass of wine, you can let out a giant sigh of relief you don’t have to deal with this. You are the only person that can ruin your day. No man or woman, or relationship drama is bringing you down. 

2. Everyone loves a ladies’ night

Trust me, your friends love a good excuse to go out and have a ladies’ night. And you are the perfect excuse. You will never have a shortage of friends who want to go out on the town with you. Your lady friends want to get away from their relationship routine and have a reason to let loose. Don’t just assume your friends want to stay in on the weekends. Invite them out and see how quickly they jump on it. 

3. Your besties are always on the lookout for your perfect match

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. . . Your friends love to play matchmaker and are always on the lookout for the perfect mate for you. Whether they want to set you up with their boyfriend’s best friend or are secretly looking for your ideal match at work, they’ve got your best interest at heart. Lucky for you, you are their only single friend, so you get the first pick. Dating is fun and exciting, so take some chances and meet these people. 

4. No competition 

You know when you used to go out with your gal pals and two of you would be eyeing the same hot guy at the bar? That always made for a brief, awkward exchange. “No, you go for him.” “No, you saw him first!” Well, now this is not the case. Your former “competitors” (not that they ever really were competitors–ovaries before brovaries, you guys!), are now your wing women. Now they’re helping you gather the courage to walk over to him. Your besties are your cheerleaders in all situations, especially this.

5. Your friends might be secretly jealous of your freedom 

I’m sure everyone thinks that you are jealous of your friends because they are in relationships. Secretly, your friends are probably jealous of you sometimes. You get to do whatever you please, make your own decisions, and you can be as selfish as you want. They should be a little envious of that. So while the world may stereotypically think you desire what people in relationships have, you are actually living a perfectly happy and healthy single life. Being single never sounded so good.  

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