Only Mariah Carey can look this glamorous while relaxing in a hot tub

Mariah Carey might have felt “mortified” by the New Year’s Eve performance heard (or, not heard) around the world, but she’s currently busy soaking off the stress while looking glam as ever in a steamy Aspen hot tub.

The holidays might be over but Queen Mimi is still frolicking in a winter wonderland while taking some much-needed relaxation time. She captioned her Instagram post, “Aspen moments,” which sounds a lot nicer than any kind of unfortunate viral moment.

Mariah rocks a typically decadent gold shimmery one-piece swimsuit — wait, is it a dress? She has been known to swim in gowns! — as she chills out in the crisp mountain air. Of course, Mimi couldn’t leave her jewelry behind, as she dripping in jewels while in the hot tub.

Snow and steam frame the diva’s beaming face as she poses for her photog. Her honey-colored locks are tossed up in a casual updo, and she shows off some metallic nails that perfectly compliment her ensemble.

Maybe she’s hoping this hot tub is a time machine so she can travel back to before December 31st and pretend none of the night’s drama happened.

She’s probably okay, though, as the diva herself tweeted, “Shit happens.”

We agree! Nothing to take the edge off like a bubbling jacuzzi.

It was hard not to cringe along with her that fateful night. Still, it’s scary how quickly fans and the public turn against a beloved star. Leave Mimi alone! Why are you so obsessed with her!

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She will always be our baby, and by “baby” we mean queen. Let’s leave the hating behind in 2016, shall we?

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