This school just punished at least 25 girls (and zero boys) for dress code violations during a massive heatwave

Hey everybody, remember when we established that school dress codes only targeted girls? (See: here, here, here, here, here.) Need more evidence? Let’s talk about Vista Murrieta High School in Murrieta, California, and how on their second-to-last day of school, in which temperatures reached a whopping 90°, school officials singled out at least 25 girls for dress code violations. Students, however, claim the number is more like 60, but whatever the final count is, all of the students in violation are girls.

That’s right: 100%. 100% of the dress code violations were by girls. That means 0% of them were by boys. 100% vs. 0%. Can we just look at that stat again? A normal sample size is considered to be 30 (thank you, statistics class), so given that the number of girls is between 25 and 60, this is a viable sample size to consider as representative of the larger population. And what this sampling says is that dress codes are only being enacted against girls.

The best/worst part of this story, though, is that thanks to social media, we have a direct look at what the girls in question were wearing. This video follows the girls in question as they leave school. Firstly: That’s way more than 25 girls. Secondly: These are all clothes one would wear when it’s 90 out, no? Thirdly: Why are we only policing what girls wear again???

The extra level of “what” happening here, though, is that some of the girls took to social media to explain that yes, they’re all aware of the dress code, and furthermore, that at least some of them actually hadn’t broken it.

There’s this account, in which a school official suggests that girls are actually magical clothes-shifting beings:

And then there’s this image of a boy at the school wearing shorts shorter than some of the girls in violation did. (To say nothing of the girls who wore leggings or pants.)

The school’s dress code is available for viewing here, and surprise surprise:

A few points: I’ve never seen a male tank top that doesn’t expose underarms (aren’t those just… t-shirts?), and yet, no boys in violation; targeting cleavage is a form of body-shaming; the length of shorts and skirts (and skorts, for whoever’s wearing those) is so subjective based on body type, and is privy to trends and styles that aren’t created by girls, but are almost exclusively marketed to them; all of the female-specific items are targeted toward specific, oft-sexualized parts of the female body.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: You can wrap teenagers in body-length down jackets and ~*distractions*~ will happen regardless, which means that adults are the ones doing this dress policing. It’s gross outside of school; it’s gross inside of school. But even when you’re paraded in front of your classmates as an example of violation, remember that the grossness doesn’t begin in you, but you’re part of movement to end it.

(Images via here, here, and here.)