Only Gigi Hadid could straight up dress like Beetlejuice and look this amazing

After a very busy week of modeling at Paris Fashion Week, Gigi Hadid was spotted on the streets of Paris dressed like the full-on glammed up version of Beetlejuice that only Hadid could embody, and we are 100% here for it. Her black and white striped Beetlejuice pants paired with shiny black flats gave off a campy Halloween-chic vibe that is absolutely killer.


Gigi’s sunglasses only amp up the Beetlejuice vibes, replacing the aesthetics of his signature black eyes with a fashion-forward (and less painful) alternative.


Considering that Halloween is around the bend, and mixing and matching styles transcends season, we decided to round up a few Beetlejuice-inspired shopping options for those brave enough to haunt that look!

These Black & White Vertical Striped Jeans from Maykool, $20.99


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These Beetlejuice Striped Leggings from Etsy, $43


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This Green Beetlejuice Dress from Touch Me, $20


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This Stripe it Lucky Skater Skirt from Modcloth, $45


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This Beetlejuice-inspired Blazer from ASOS, $48.37


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Hopefully these shopping options will empower you to embrace the spooky-chic Beetlejuice living inside of you!

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