Meet the only bra you’ll ever need

I don’t know about you, but IMHO, bra shopping is a total pain. Not only does it take forever to find just ONE that actually fits and supports my ladies, but there are about 18 million bras you need. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but think about all the bras you need: nude, black, razorback, strapless, sports. . . ugh, so much work. But now, a Canadian company called Knix Wear thinks they’ve found the ultimate solution: A bra that can transform into any bra you’ll ever need.

Dubbed “the Evolution bra” and available in sizes 32A to 38DD, the bra is made so that you can wear it anywhere and for anything — the office, the club, or even the treadmill. “The idea was to create a bra we could wear to the office and then the gym,” Joana Griffiths, Knix Wear founder, told Mashable. “Something that evolved with us throughout our busy days.”

So how exactly does this magic bra work? The Evolution bra comes with two adjustable straps (each a different color) that can be adjusted for eight different wearable options. It’s reversible, with each side being a different color, and it has a stretchy, seam-free form that supports and molds to you, sans underwire. Functionality was the prime goal, according to Griffiths. “I noticed that lingerie had a lot of frill, and not enough function and felt that women everywhere were being underserved,” she explained to Mashable.

The bra has been tested on over 70 women of all different cup sizes doing all sorts of activities. But you may be wondering: If it’s just one bra, it’s gonna need to be washed a lot, right? Not as much as you’d think, thanks to its anti-microbial and anti-odor fabric that wicks away moisture and dries quickly. “We have created a product that women have been waiting for,” Griffiths told Mashable. “The bra, like it’s construction, is a chameleon: part fashion, part function, part everyday, part sports bra.”

And it seems as though many agree, if you take a gander at the company’s Kickstarter page. Over 1,500 backers have donated more than $120,000 — $90,000 more than their goal. The first of the company’s stretch goals — $100,000 — has been met, meaning the bra’s sizing will be extended to include 32/34 E, F, and G, as well as 40/42 DD, E, and F. If they hit $150,000, Knix Wear will be creating a lightly padded version of the bra, while $200,000 will lead to a new print.

So how much would one of these bras cost? Considering all that it does, the price tag — $55 — really isn’t too bad. If Knix Wear lives up to its promise and can function as eight different bras, that’s less than $7 a bra. BRB — gonna go grab my credit card.

(Images via Instagram, Kickstarter)

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