These 12 online shopping sources will be donating proceeds to Planned Parenthood

We’ve reached a period in history where getting involved in current happenings is crucial. After witnessing and being a part of the masses who came together for the Women’s March on Washington, as well as so many other marches around the world, we felt the need to continue doing anything we can to help the cause.

As of right now, Planned Parenthood is in danger, due to the new administration. Therefore, affordable access to women’s health services and education is also in danger, and those services are things women cannot afford to lose.

We’ve compiled a list of online shops and fundraising campaigns that are donating some or all of their profits to Planned Parenthood. By shopping on these sites, not only are you getting some really cool feminist merchandise, but your money is going to help your sisters who rely so much on Planned Parenthood.

1Omaze — Lena Dunham’s “Don’t Hang Up The Gloves” shirts ($27)

If you’re not familiar with Omaze, it’s a pretty Omaze-ing website (sorry). Omaze parters with those who wish to raise money for an organization that may not be able to do so on its own. Writer and actress, Lena Dunham, teamed up with Omaze to raise money for the Planned Parenthood Education Fund by selling these very cool feminist t-shirts.

The funds collected from Dunham’s “Don’t Hang Up The Gloves” shirt campaign will go specifically to the California Planned Parenthood Education Fund, “a statewide organization that works to ensure access to preventive and reproductive health care,” Omaze states in the description. This campaign has already reached its goal of selling 1000 shirts, and shirts will ship two weeks after the campaign ends on February 10th.

2Female Collective — “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-ding For PP” shirts ($26)

Female Collective, headed by Candace Reels, is an awesome source of feminist gear we can wear to our next march. Reels collaborated with Jessica Bennet, author of Feminist Fight Club, to create one of the OG “Pussy Grabs Back” t-shirts, as well as several other funny feminist logo tees, all of which we want in our closets.

20% of the proceeds Female Collective receives for their “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-ding For Planned Parenthood” shirts will be donated to Planned Parenthood. Female Collective also partnered with Bustle on their “You Do You(terus)” tee. 50% of after-profit funds from that design is headed over to Global Fund for Women. You can do a lot of good shopping Female Collective!

3Otherwild — “The Future Is Female” merch ($30-$60)

You’ve seriously been living under a rock if you haven’t heard “The Future Is Female” declared from the mouth of a proud feminist. According to Otherwild’s website, the slogan was first created for t-shirts sold in Labyris Books, New York’s first women’s bookstore, which opened in 1972.

Otherwild revamped the slogan and slapped it on tees, crewnecks, tanks, and even kids’ clothes. When you buy a piece of “The Future Is Female” clothing, 25% of those proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood. Otherwild also sells clothing from which proceeds will go to The National Center for Transgender Equality and the Lesbian Herstory Archives.

4The Outrage — “Nasty Women Unite” collection ($3-$125)

“Calling all nasty women!” The Outrage writes on their website. “The Donald thinks intelligent, empowered, and articulate women are nasty. We say he ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Hell to the freaky-freak yes!

When you shop The Outrage’s “Nasty Women Unite” collection, 15% of the collection’s proceeds are going to Planned Parenthood — “in Donald’s name.” These guys don’t just sell clothing, either. Enamel pins, embroidery hoops, mugs, tote bags, postcards — the list goes on. Plus, with items starting at just $3, anyone with any budget can help Planned Parenthood even if it’s just by a couple cents.

The Outrage also has a “Women’s March on Washington” collection, and will be donating 100% of the money earned from the collection to subsidize travel costs for march participants with limited financial means. The company has a few other collections that support some amazing causes, so the bottom line is that you have to check The Outrage out.

5Google Ghost — “Nasty Woman” t-shirt ($25)

Can’t get enough “Nasty Woman” in your life? Then add the “Nasty Woman” tee from Google Ghost to your growing collection. 50% of funds collected from these tees is going straight to Planned Parenthood. According to Google Ghost, $110,165 has been donated thus far. That’s pretty darn cool.

You’ll want to be a part of this girl gang after scrolling through Google Ghost’s Instagram feed for less than five minutes. These Nasty Women are doing great things while spreading feminism near and far. You can also opt to donate to PP via a crewneck sweatshirt or coffee mug if you’re feeling chilly from the straight ice we’re receiving from the White House rn. Up to you!

6MostlySweetJewelry — “Nasty” female symbol pendant ($50)

What’s that? You need more nasty? Ok! You asked for it! MostlySweetJewelry has created this badass female symbol silver pendant with “Nasty” hammered into it so no one can tell you that you are not nasty. “All will be made with strength, care, love, and sometimes wearing a pantsuit,” LothLorien Stewart, the Etsy shop owner, wrote in the description.


Stewart pledged that for every pendant sold, she would donate $10 to Planned Parenthood “on behalf of Hilary Clinton, All Women, and all the wonderful people in Pantsuit Nation,” she wrote. Four weeks ago, Stewart updated her Etsy page to inform patrons that 97 of these beauties had been sold. She doubled that number and donated $1940 to PP in Mike Pence’s name. We’re crying with joy.

7TheTumbleeedShop — Handmade knitted Pussy Hats ($20)

Danielle Christensen, owner of TheTumbleweedShop on Etsy, is in the process of making Pussy Hats for those who didn’t get theirs at the Women’s March on Saturday. She only has three available right now, but she’s still chugging right along. Half of her Pussy Hat proceeds will be donated to PP.


As of yesterday, Christensen informed Etsy patrons that she will be making her first Planned Parenthood donation this weekend after selling her first eight handmade hats. With hopefully many more Women’s Marches in the future, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to grab a Pussy Hat that was made for a good cause.

8Marc Jacobs — “Pro-Choice Miley” and “Miley Hearts Planned Parenthood” t-shirts ($50)

This one goes out to all the fashionistas who love a good designer piece. These two collaborative tees are the product of three creative minds coming together for a good cause. The tees display two original prints by artist Marilyn Minter, who worked with Miley Cyrus to come up with the concept.


Both shirts are being sold exclusively in Marc Jacobs boutiques and online stores. 100% of the profit made from the tees is being donated to Planned Parenthood. You can head over to the Marc Jacobs website to see how the shots of Miley were taken and also how the shirts were individually printed.

9LaurelAndLime — “Hear Me Roar” bracelets ($25)

These beautiful handmade copper cuffs, based on Katy Perry’s famous lyric from her song “Roar,” is perfect for the feminist who appreciates a good piece of handcrafted jewelry. Katie Kelly, owner of the LaurelAndLime Etsy shop, makes each cuff from reclaimed copper. They are one-size-fits all, and can be easily adjusted.


For every bracelet sold, Kelly is donating $5 to Planned Parenthood. Plus, because Kelly uses reclaimed, natural, and recycled materials, buying a piece of her jewelry is an eco-conscious decision. Donating to PP and saving the Earth while getting an amazing bracelet at the end of the day? This deal is too good to pass up!

10rubygirl — “Feminist” fundraiser necklace ($30)

“Feminist” is a label we should be proud to wear on our chests at this point in time. This necklace from rubygirl on Etsy can help you do just that. Creator of the “Feminist” necklace, Shannon, wrote in the description for this piece, “I am done feeling helpless and hopeless and so I decided to DO something. I made this sweet little necklace to announce to the world who I am and now you can, too!”


Shannon is donating $10 from every sale to PP. On December 30th, she was able to donate a total of $620! That’s a lot of money! Shipping for Shannon’s necklace is free to those who live in the United States, and each one is made by hand with sterling silver and love. You can’t beat that duo.

11Tictail — “Stay Together” Planned Parenthood print ($75)

Artist, Shawna X, is selling a print called “Stay Together” through the site Tictail. She writes, “I want to donate all profits of this print to Planned Parenthood, an organization that has helped me with my birth control, check-ups and various concerns regarding my reproduction and sexual health since I could remember and when I had very little resource. Thank you PP for all you have done for women across the country.” Amen, amen, amen!


As mentioned above, Shawna X is donating all profits made from this print to PP. With each print going for $75, that can be a huge sum of money. It’s a pretty groovy piece of art that has a great cause and story behind it. It just might be worth the investment!

12amandaatkins — “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” print ($14)

Straight from the face of a Women’s March poster, this “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” print by artist, Amanda Atkins, boasts one of the many anthems feminists we’re chanting. Now, you can have your own smaller version to keep the fire going until the next march.


Buying one of these prints secures a $5 donation to Planned Parenthood. For only $14, you’re getting an 8.5″ x 11″ print – which is an amazing deal for quality art. This is a perfect start or welcome addition to a possible feminist themed art wall in your home, or to give to a friend who is a firm advocate for women’s rights!

The time has come to fight, fight, fight! We cannot and will not stand down, ladies. Bulk up on feminist merchandise and wear it all to the next march. We’re defending our rights, our bodies, and each other. We would tell you to stay strong, but we already know that you’re strong AF!

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