This girl ordered a fun and flirty dress online and what showed up was…not that

Sometimes online shopping can suck really bad. Those who do dive into their computer screens to get new clothes run the risk of encountering various issues, including bad sizing, colors that fail to live up to expectation, and items that never arrive. Even the most well-seasoned online shopper can experience a dud. Downfalls aside, there are so many unique pieces and deals to be scored online that many of us are willing to take the risk. And, tbh, the free deliveries that keep you from getting up off of the couch can make any check-out button look like nirvana.

It’s why we can’t blame one Redditor for getting sucked into a deal that seemed just too good to pass up. In a recent Reddit post, user Sarahded_Edge shared an image of an online order that serves as a cautionary tale for internet shopping.

The Redditor posted the image with the title “Dress vs. dressing that could cover a wound.

In her post, the user explained that she hadn’t actually ordered the dress from the original store and instead snapped it up as a second-hand item, which can be a pretty big LEAP in the online shopping world.

Of course, the Reddit user might not have won this round of online shopping, but we must commend her for choosing to persevere in a world where what you see isn’t always what you get.

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