This study on online dating will give you the hope to keep swiping

Contrary to our belief, it looks like dating apps may actually be beneficial to finding a serious relationship. A new study on online dating has revealed that the success rate of finding a partner on a dating app is higher than finding someone offline. Your love match may be a swipe and a message away.

Many think that most popular dating app, Tinder, is a tool for finding a quick hookup, not a life partner. Of course, there are success stories. But overall, people typically joke about dating apps.

However, new research finds that plenty of people are getting in long-term relationships after meeting on Tinder.

Tinder released new data where they conducted two surveys comparing online and offline dating. Individuals in the offline dating categories were separated into three groups: 1) People who never used online dating, 2) Users who no longer used online dating, and 3) People who were open to using online dating but never had in the past.

According to the study, Tinder users are more likely to seek out a committed relationship than those offline.

Tinder users ask interesting questions, are invested in dating, and in the long run, say “I love you” within the first year of dating. Moreover, 74% of online daters have had at least one committed relationship, while only 49% of offline daters have. Online daters are also more invested in fidelity, with 93% of them saying it is important to them.

Offline and online daters differed in other ways, too. 20% of offline daters would decline to date someone who had a different career goal than them. Online daters were more flexible. Only 13% said they cared about this.

Swiping left or right on a dating app, like Tinder, can be overwhelming. However, once users meet someone, they don’t use the app to keep looking. Only 9% of Tinder users said they had a hard time committing because of all their options.

As for marriage? A 2013 study from the University of Chicago found that two-third of marriages between 2005 and 2012 are established through online dating websites.

Online dating has shed most of its stigma. 59% of people find that online dating is a good way to meet people, and that number is only increasing every year. Millennials who use dating apps have tripled since 2013. Dating can be difficult, regardless of the situation. So whether you’re swiping left or trudging out into the night, there are many, many fish in the sea!

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