Brie Larson and her fiancé goofing around in onesies is giving us FOMO like no tomorrow

Kong: Skull Island — Brie Larson’s new big budget movie — is finally in theaters in the United States. The actress has been crazy busy promoting the movie all over the world alongside her co-stars. Her next stop on the whirlwind press tour is Japan, and someone very close to her isn’t very happy about it. (Not because he doesn’t want her to go, we assume, but because he wants to go with her.

Larson posted an adorable picture of her and fiancé Alex Greenwald dressed up in Pokémon onesies in preparation for her trip to Japan. But Greenwald does NOT look impressed by his lack of invitation.

She captioned the photo, “Guess who’s going to Japan?! Guess who’s NOT going to Japan?! #fiancefomo”

As Larson pointed out, her fiancé is clearly dealing with some major FOMO.

And TBH, we don’t blame him. Want want to go to Japan, too. We also want to wear the coziest Pokémon onesies ever.

Greenwald can’t have total FOMO though. He at least got to attend the U.S. premiere of the movie with his lady, and he looked very dapper. Larson posted a sweet picture of the engaged couple while on the red (green) carpet, and wrote “Prom: Skull Island.”

Greenwald has also attended other award shows with Larson, including the SAG Awards, where they both looked like the most perfect movie star couple ever to exist.

So, while FOMO is real, we’re pretty sure Greenwald is doing just fine.

Kong: Skull Island is set to be released in theaters in Japan on March 25th.

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