That one time people thought this girl was Ariana Grande at Disney World (and were really, really angry)

As we all know, Ariana Grande has a *very* specific (and instantly recognizable) look, a look she’s perfected for the past few years – ever since she made the transition from Nickelodeon star to internationally-beloved pop star.

The high, super-long copper-y ponytail, lots of adorable headgear (mostly ears headbands and cat ears), and leg-baring miniskirts are all part of the iconic Ariana look. So when someone else of the singer’s approximate height and build rocks said look, you know there’s going to be some confusion. And that’s exactly what happened to this Ariana-lookalike style/beauty vlogger.

YouTube vlogger Jessica Teekasingh (aka JessChic) went to Disney World and was mistaken for Ariana Grande by SO many people. Dozens, at least. But seriously, can you blame them?

This girl right here, in this photo? That’s JessChic. Not Ariana Grande. Crazy, right? The resemblance is uncanny.

JessChic uploaded a video to your YouTube channel documenting her vacation and it quickly went viral, with over 6.5 million views at last count. Check out the full vid below.

Much of the video is just Jessica getting gussied up in full makeup and an adorable outfit in preparation for her day at Disney, and then frolicking around (looking ~super~ Ariana-ish) with her friends and family, including her makeup artist Peter Pratts, once she’s actually in Magic Kingdom. But then, things take a turn around four minutes and thirty seconds into the video.

It’s actually kind of hilarious. At first, people just ask her whether she’s Ariana. She tells them that she’s not, but you can tell they kind of don’t believe her. One spectator even tries to get her to sing something to prove she’s not the “Dangerous Woman” singer! LOL!


Eventually, people begin wanting to take photos with her even after she tells them that she’s not Ariana Grande. By the end of the vid, she’s essentially getting mobbed by a huge group who believes she’s the former Victorious actress and want to snap fan photos with her.

Unfortunately, JessChic got a lot of criticism for the video, though she included a disclaimer at the end of it, explaining that she denied that she was Ariana when asked directly, but for the “very very very excited Ariana Grande fans” she “just did [her] best to make them happy.”

In a later follow-up video, JessChic clarified that she didn’t go to Disney World intending to look like Ariana or trick people into thinking she was the famous pop star. She also explained that she’d been into the “girly” and “vintage” look all her life – not that she was simply copying Ariana’s look.


The response video may have been partially in reaction to Ariana herself catching wind of the accidental impersonation and calling it “just not cool” in a tweet response to a concerned fan who pointed it out to her.

While their looks are undeniably *very* similar, it doesn’t seem that the vlogger meant any harm. Though it is certainly a bummer for fans who thought they managed to get a pic with Ariana Grande in Disney World, only to now find out that they didn’t.

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