Kit Harington has a bizarre ritual, and his love Rose Leslie is NOT into it

Game of Thrones star Kit Harington admitted he has some obsessive habits that have him doing some hilariously ridiculous things before performing, and one of those things got him into some trouble with girlfriend Rose Leslie.

In an interview with This Morning, while discussing his current stage role in new play Doctor Faustus, he mentioned his pre-show rituals that are pretty… unusual.

“I’ll develop weird superstitions before going on stage,” he said. “I have to kiss certain things before going on stage — my parents’ picture, a picture of my brother…”

But one thing he doesn’t feel the need to kiss for good luck — a picture of his lady.

“My girlfriend was very upset when I told her,” he said.


His list of superstitions about going on stage keeps getting longer, which he said can be very debilitating — like kissing the stage floor three times — but he also finds them funny.

“I have to pat the front row seat and say, ‘Good luck, Tom,’” which of course led the hosts of the show to ask, “Who’s Tom?” To which Harington replied, “I don’t know!”

But he has no interest in getting help for his obsessive tendencies.

“I quite like it, I don’t want to get rid of it,” he said.

Fair enough, Jon Snow Kit Harington.

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