The one thing you probably didn’t notice about Daenerys and Jon in “Battle of the Bastards”

Game of Thrones spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched Sunday’s episode, “Battle of the Bastards,” turn back now WHILE YOU CAN.

If you’re still replaying every epic second from Game of Thrones‘ most-anticipated episode of the season, “Battle of the Bastards,” in your head, I’m right there with you. And if you plan on re-watching the episode at least three more times before the finale to catch any small, but crazy-important details you may have missed — that’s probably a good plan. Because the night is dark and full of SYMBOLISM.

We’ve already pointed out that Jon used a very special shield when protecting himself from Ramsay’s arrows. And that gigantic nod to Hodor. And now we’re going to talk about another small but tremendous detail that is going to make your brain MELT.

 It’s the fact that “Battle of the Bastards” emphasized major parallels between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow’s storylines. 


First of all, the episode was split in two — it followed the battle happening in Meereen, and it followed the battle in the North.

While Dany led her army of Dothraki and teen dragons and defeated the Masters and Sons of Harpy, Jon and his army of Free Folk and Mormonts defeated the Bolton army (with help of the Vale, aka Littlefinger and Sansa).

But there was a very, very specific Jon Snow scene that probably seemed familiar to you.


Remember this moment? Of course you do — in this very moment, you exhaled all the air you had been holding in your ribcage because you totally thought Jon was going to die, didn’t you? He almost did suffocate under a mountain of bodies, but at the last second, he emerges, gasping for air. Much like how he gasped for air when Melisandre revived him — but that’s not the familiar scene we’re talking about.

We’re talking about the scene when Daenerys is lifted by the Yunkish in Season 4 and called “Mhysa,” which means “Mother.”


Both instances were, in some ways, forms of “rebirth.” Jon almost dies (for the second time, come on you beautiful man, get it together), and Dany takes on a new role as leader.

Plus, the contrast of colors is SUPER important.


It’s orange versus blue, OR fire versus ice. Or, you know, A Song of Ice and Fire. Because L + R = J.  Because Lyanna and Rhaegar had a baby, and that baby is Jon. Because Dany and Jon are most likely related. Because these two are destined to do very big, cool things in Westeros and conquer those who need to be conquered.

Mind = BLOWN.

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