This one sex position continues to be America’s favorite

If you’re curious about what goes on in other people’s bedrooms (because hello, aren’t we all?) a new study should satisfy some of your voyeuristic urges.

According to a survey by, a British online doctor service, America’s favorite sex position of 2016 is doggy style, as was the case in 2015. In fact, among the 2,000 straight, gay, and bisexual people the site surveyed from the U.S., U.K., and Europe, doggy style was the most-preferred position by a large margin: 35.1% of people — men and women alike — said it was their fave, while just 22.4% chose missionary as their go-to, and 19.4% named cowgirl their top pick.

The researchers dug deep into respondents’ sexual psyches and made some very interesting findings. The least-favorite position of all those surveyed, for example? Tabletop sex, where one partner lays on their back on top of a table while the other takes the ~lead.~ Interestingly, though, the position respondents said they most wanted to try was tabletop sex (so maybe the people who have done it should get together with the people who are curious and let them in on the truth!).

Country by country, the majority of those surveyed chose doggy style as their top pick. But Poland was a standout: Its citizens said they prefer spooning over any other sexual positions.

Men overwhelmingly reported that they learned about new sex positions from porn (53.8%), while women said they learned about them primarily from a partner (42.4%), and a third discovered them online but not in porn. The more you know!

And that concludes our Peeping Tom show. Back to work, everyone!

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