The one part of the body that will solve all your woes

And no, it’s not THAT body part, human reading this. We’re talking about a DIFFERENT body part that is proven to help relieve stress and make you feel healthier and happier: your upper ear.

Since one in five Americans experience “extreme stress,” we have a feeling we’re not the only ones who have this outlook. What exactly makes stress extreme, you ask? Well, according to, this type of stress is characterized by shaking, heart palpitations, and depression – all of which are equally intense on their own. So just imagine that you’re walking down the street and you pass five people. One of those people may be having heart palpitations caused by stress. Definitely not good. 

While there are many ways to combat stress – therapy, exercise, meditation, etc. – psychiatrist Mark Sandomirsky recently came up with a technique that has us intrigued. (Honestly, we’ll try almost anything to combat the dark forces of stress).

Dr. Sandomirsky’s approach involves a basic ear massage. Yes, you heard us right – an ear massage. The advice, which first aired on a healthy living channel on Russian network, states that there is an area on your ear that’s known as “The Gate of Heaven” (this sounds wonderful already) in ancient Chinese culture. It’s a point located on the upper third of your ear, which is a place that can boost your energy and yes, decrease your stress. It can even improve your health as a whole. So, basically, this is a magic spot on your very own body.

To perform this massage, grab a cotton swab and put pressure on this area. While breathing deeply, gradually give “The Gate of Heaven” a lovely rubdown. As you inhale, turn your head to the left. Then, when you go to exhale, turn your head to the right. This combination should send your body on the road to blissful relaxation.

This stress relief method is similar to acupuncture, in that it targets specific points to treat various ailments. Although, this particular technique is a lot cheaper and doesn’t involve you leaving your home (which is always a bonus). You can also easily perform this routine right before you go to bed so that you’re ready to drift off to Dreamland.

Now, what are you waiting for? Light some lavender candles, lower the lights, put on some zen tunes, and grab your cotton swabs! It’s time to kiss stress goodbye as you give your ears (and mental health) some much-needed TLC.

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