One of our favorite “SNL” cast members might be leaving, and say it ain’t so!

We’ve sadly had to say goodbye to so many of our favorite Saturday Night Live cast members in the last few years (Kristin Wiig, Jay Pharaoh, Taran Killam…WE MISS YOU!), and now Bobby Moynihan has joined the cast of a CBS pilot. Which means there’s a chance he’ll have to leave SNL is the series gets picked up.

He’s been making us laugh since 2008 and is one of the longest running cast members, so maaaaaybe he needs a break to go and try something new, but still, this hurts big time.

The good news is that his new show actually sounds pretty cool. It’s called Me, Myself and I, and it centers around one guy’s life as he experiences different stages of manhood over a 50 year period. Moynihan would play the present day character. According to Variety, his character Alex Riley is “a lifelong inventor who is always trying to glimpse into the future, but to get over his current case of inventor’s block, Alex must instead look to his past.” The writer/producer Dan Kopelman is involved, who has credits on Malcolm in the Middle and numerous other shows.

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Alright, alright, we can deal with this. But we’re gonna miss him like crazy, because he was responsible for so many amazing characters. Like Drunk Uncle!

via giphyAt the end of the day, moving on to a new adventure is usually pretty rewarding. So, we wish Moynihan the very best of luck if he does leave SNL. Remember Bobby, you have an open invitation to come back anytime (at least in our book…we don’t know how that translates to an actual NBC contract…).

Sigh… that face. So many expressions in one!

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Thanks for devoting your life to entertaining us, Bobby.

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