This is the one New Year’s resolution everyone should make in 2017

It’s almost the new year, and for us, 2017 couldn’t come fast enough. With all the political turmoil and the tragic loss of SO many awesome people, we’d like a clean slate, please. With 2017 approaching, it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions. And we’re always game for the usual resolutions — getting healthier, exercising more, trying something new. Those kinds of resolutions can be a fantastic way to refocus as you head into the new year. However, after 2016, we may need something even more important. So this year, we think there’s one BIG resolution that everyone should make.

Let’s make 2017 the year of being kind.

2016 has been a tough year. The tumultuous presidential campaign season made for a lot of negativity in the news. And with a new, unpredictable administration about to take office, we’re not expecting that to slow down much. But we can change our attitudes about it. So much this year has made us feel helpless, but we’re not. We have incredible power to change things, and it can start with something as simple as thoughts, words, or small acts. So here’s a list of things that you can do to make 2017 a year of kindness.

1Be kind to yourself.


When things get tough, it can be hard on our minds and our bodies. So make sure in 2017 that you don’t neglect yourself. Take a little time to spend with hobbies you love. Pamper yourself with a massage or a pedicure. Also, make time to exercise and eat right, so your body can function at its best. Because you won’t be able to project kindness into the rest of the world if you’re not kind to yourself first.

2Be kind to your friends.


Of course you’re always fabulous to your friends, but in 2017, take things the extra step. When a friend is hurting, make sure you’re there for them. Try surprising them with little things to make them smile. And if things get heated, try to be the first one to forgive.

3Be kind to a stranger.


We know it sounds a little silly, but make sure to say please and thank you. Even when someone is just doing their job, nothing feels better than giving them a warm smile and some genuine words of thanks. And because things may get tough for some people next year, try to be aware and show kindness when you can. If we can get everybody into it, then we can create a world of people helping each other.

4When you see something negative in the news, post something positive.


One of the biggest downers of 2016 was the constant negative coverage on the news. But with a new unpredictable administration coming into power, so we’re not sure the negative coverage will get any better. Because we can’t change that, let’s focus on something else. Whenever we hear a negative story in the news, let’s resolve to post something positive. Try to be that awesome person on everyone’s news feed who brings a ray of sunshine when things start to feel dark. Believe us, everyone will appreciate it.

5Make time for what’s important.


While of course there will always be jobs to go to, bills to pay, and chores to take care of, we all know those aren’t the things that bring true meaning to our lives. Whatever or whoever it is that you truly love, make sure you make room for that in 2017. LOTS of room. Because the responsibilities will wait for you, so you don’t have to spend all your time focused on them. The stress and bustle of everyday life is a lot, so we need to make time for those things that make us feel truly alive.

2017 will be a whole lot easier if we remember to be kind, patient, and forgiving.


Over the next year, the stress of just existing may be a lot. That’s why we need to be compassionate and gentle with ourselves and those around us. And that’s why we say that we all make a resolution to be kind in 2017.

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