Happy one month to these adorable twin panda cubs!

Get ready to break out your panda emojis, guys. The twin panda cubs that were born at the Toronto Zoo last month are officially one month old. Happy one month, you fuzzy cuties!

This is really big deal for a couple of reasons, the first of which is simple: baby pandas! Also, twin panda cubs can be tricky. In the wild, when a panda mama gives birth to twins, she usually focuses all of her attention and energy on the strongest one. The weaker cub usually doesn’t make it (sob!). Even panda twins born in captivity are often a bit of a challenge. The fact that the Toronto panda twins have made it to one month bodes well for their future. They’re still pretty delicate, though, so they’ll keep hanging out with their mom, Er Shun, in the maternity den for a while.

But probably the most exciting thing about these particular babies is that they were officially the very first giant pandas born in Canada. This is amazing and kind of makes us want to buy them some matching maple leaf sweaters.

The zoo released the following statement in celebration of this special day: “At one month old, our twin giant panda cubs are healthy and continue to grow. The larger of the two cubs now weighs over one kilogram, with the smaller cub not far behind at approximately 750 grams. The undercoat (or insulating hair) continues to grow in thicker and whiter, making the areas on their bodies where the skin is not pigmented black, look much whiter. They truly look like giant pandas now.”

Okay, so maybe they don’t need those sweaters after all.

Happy one-month birthday, baby pandas! May you continue to grow strong, healthy and more adorable with each passing day!

Set your eyeballs on the special little cuties here:

[Image and video via YouTube.]