One lucky “Titanic” fan can win a chance to dine with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

If you’re still hugging your VHS box set tightly, we’ve got news for you. Thanks to one particular fundraiser, Titanic stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are giving you a chance to get dinner with them. Oh yes — both of them. In one room together.

The prize is being offered through DiCaprio’s annual gala event for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which helps environmental causes. The dinner, which is set to be a private event, will be held later this year in New York City. As long as it stays in the city, the recipient can choose the exact location in which to dine— but we’re guessing it probably won’t be fast food. (Even though it’d be pretty cool to say you got Nachos Bell Grande with the two stars.)

 According to People, the funds raised will also help one of Winslet’s notable causes — the Gemma Nuttall Cancer Fund, which is set to support a 28-year-old mom in the United Kingdom who’s in need of treatment. Winslet has kept in close contact with the family, and has even released a statement on their GoFundMe to help raise awareness.

DiCaprio’s gala typically gets a lot of attention from big stars. Just last year, they raised over $45 million,  which is incredibly impressive.

We’re sure the winning bid is going to be extremely high for an opportunity like this. But knowing that the money will be making a difference definitely helps.

Honestly, we’re just happy that DiCaprio and Winslet are still so close. It only proves that their chemistry in Titanic was incredibly real.

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