This one-of-a-kind hoodie is for the ultimate Selena fan

The question isn’t who is a Selena Quintanilla fan, it’s who’s not? Do those people even exist? Either way, we are loyal to the Queen of Tejano music and the legacy she left behind. That’s why we love to source inspiration from Selena and wear it on our sleeve.

Thanks to Kids of Immigrants, Selena can be close to one lucky person’s heart because a hand-cut and hand-painted portrait of the singer is available on the perfect pink hoodie. Oh, and did we mention this is one of a kind?

The hoodie features a portrait of Selena framed by a red halo, with the phrase “just know that you can” floating above the singer’s head.

The sleeves display black stripes, and the word “dream” is written in green under Selena’s portrait. The coolest part of this hoodie, besides how exclusive it is? All the decorations are made by hand. The phrases and stripes are hand-painted, and the portrait of Selena is hand-cut. Of course, this means you have to hand-wash it, but we’d argue that the tradeoff is worth it.

In an Instagram caption, the brand talks of Selena and says,

"JUST KNOW THAT YOU CAN! As a Latino, growing up she was a hero. She made us proud to be Latino and sing loud in spanglish lol a true inspiration, she will live forever!!"

If you’re really feeling this hoodie, then act on it. Like we mentioned, there’s only one, so there’s no promise that it will be there tomorrow. Now go grab it — we have a feeling you have Selena’s blessing.