One “How I Met Your Mother” star agrees that the series finale didn’t feel right

It’s safe to say that the How I Met Your Mother finale was one of the most anticipated series finales in sitcom history. Most of the time, you don’t want your favorite show to end, but HIMYM was keeping a very big secret —who the mother of Ted’s children was — so fans were eagerly waiting for it to end. It was a good finale, but some things felt just a little bit off.

Even Alyson Hannigan, who played Lily Aldrin on the show, agrees that the How I Met Your Mother finale didn’t feel totally right. Just in case you don’t remember it: we find out who Ted’s soulmate is, a character played by Cristin Milioti. She and Ted get married, but then she dies from cancer way too soon. Eventually, Ted and Robin end up together. But only because Robin has divorced Barney, leaving her free for Ted.

But it all happened so fast! And it was sort of silly that they made Barney and Robin get married, only to quickly divorce. Sure, it was a way of showing that “some things never change,” but it was pretty out of character for both of them.

In an interview with Australian news site, Hannigan said, “I didn’t think Barney should have ever gotten married. I liked Barney and Robin. But in my heart, I always wanted her with Ted. I just feel they [Barney and Robin] shouldn’t have gotten married.”

There was more to the How I Met You Mother finale, too!

Hannigan also revealed that there was a lot fans didn’t see. “I was bummed they didn’t just make it a two-hour season-ender, so they would get to show certain parts [that were cut].” It was a 14-hour table read, she explained. Hannigan added, “So when I actually saw the final version of the show, I was like, ‘They cut out everything!’”

There was a funeral scene and some other stuff that Hannigan said would have helped the audience. If only “to process that information, instead of having it slap them in the face,” she said. Lily was always the voice of reason on the show (to a degree, of course) and obviously Hannigan is, too.

After nine seasons with the whole gang it was all just a little anticlimactic. But there might be hope for HIMYM fans! Hannigan said that if given the choice between a Buffy the Vampire Slayer or HIMYM reunion or reboot — WAIT FOR IT — she’d go for the latter. It’s just a pipe dream of course, but hey, anything can happen! We’ll cross our fingers for now.