Arizona Robbins predicted her fate in one of her very first “Grey’s Anatomy” scenes

Arizona Robbins first joined the team at Seattle Grace when their current pediatric surgeon, Jordan Kenley, suddenly died. She wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms — the case she came to work on was a hard one, and Miranda Bailey was super attached to the patient, a little boy named Jackson. They thought he had more time, but all of a sudden, he immediately needed a liver and intestinal transplant, and here’s where things get interesting.

They found organs for him in another city, and Arizona and Alex had to fly to get the organs and prepare them for transplant. On the flight over, they had an interesting conversation.


Arizona said, “I wish we could get organs delivered instead of having to go pick them up, you know? I hate flying. I always feel much closer to death flying than in the OR, don’t you?”

“I do now,” Alex replied.

This conversation foreshadows the plane crash that happens in season 8, which later leads to the loss of her left leg. It’s especially poignant because she wasn’t supposed to be on that plane in the first place — Alex was. The plane was heading to Boise, Idaho with some of Seattle Grace’s best doctors to help assist in a complicated case, and Arizona pulled Alex off the case at the last minute because she had heard he’d taken a fellowship elsewhere after all the time she’d invested in his education.

This decision changed both of their lives, and whether the writers intended for it to be or not, this conversation was much more heavy than a simple conversation about a fear of flying than it seemed.

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