One of the Final Five is going to be on ‘Dancing With The Stars’!

Fresh off of kicking some serious butt at the Rio Olympics, it was announced that Laurie Hernandez will be joining the cast of Dancing With The Stars. She is the first member of the Final Five to do so and the second Rio Olympian in this cycle. Laurie may be joined by other athletes, including the controversial Ryan Lochte.


Clearly, Laurie “the human emoji” Hernandez has a huge advantage over her competition. Not only is she an Olympic grade athlete, she has the dance moves! If you haven’t seen her floor routine over at Rio, you really should give it a watch. Laurie’s dance moves better be integrated into the show.

She clearly has some game. Not to mention the whole gymnastics things. Her coordination, muscle memory and athleticism should not be overlooked. Maybe she’ll incorporate some dope gymnastics move into her routine. One can only hope.

Athletes have a history of being favored to win Dancing With The Stars. Past contestants with athletic backgrounds were noted to be fast learners and could really handle the intense work that goes into the show’s prep. Knowing that Laurie brought home a few medals from the Olympics gives me full confidence that she’ll uphold that tradition. Maybe her teammates will come cheer her on!

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