One of our favorite Gilmore girls was at the Women’s March

Saturday’s Women’s March proved that women are truly the most powerful people on Earth. The protests drew over one million people together in peaceful protest across the United States. The cause even flooded into foreign cities like London, Paris, and Melbourne. Women and men came together to protest against President Trump’s negative speech, actions, and threats towards women, immigrants, and minorities. Joining the masses at the Women’s March was one of our favorite Gilmore girls, Keiko Agena.

Agena posted a photo on Instagram yesterday thanking Parent Trap actress, Elaine Hendrix “for setting up some of the LA contingent for the @womensmarch,” Agena wrote in her caption. She continued, “I am SO glad I got to be in DC for this. Thanks! (Here with my bestie Grace Jo!)”

We totally agree with this one fan who said that Rory and Lane would have been a part of the protest.


In fact, Lane probably would have been one of the first to sign up for the Women’s March – and would have had to trick Mrs. Kim into letting her go.

Before the Women’s March, Agena reposted an Instagram from Kulap Vilaysack about why participating in the peaceful protest is so important. “We march to change both attitudes and laws, [t]o be our all, not have it all. To plan our parenthood. We march because love is love is love is love,” part of the caption reads.

Absolutely, sister. Absolutely.

Agena also got up close to Women’s March speaker, Amy Schumer, captioning the pic of the comedian, “In EXCELLENT company at the @womensmarch @amyschumer before she went up to speak. I love women.”

We’re so proud of Agena – and all the women – who participated in the rallies yesterday. We’re just scratching the tip of the four-year iceberg, but wow are we doing a good job doing so thus far!

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