One of our fave Frapps is coming back to Starbucks! Rejoice!

Ever since Starbucks yanked one of our favorite Frapps from their beverage line-up, our mornings (and let’s be real — afternoons and evenings) haven’t been the same. We’ve even been writing letters to the ‘Bucks, begging them to bring back the Frapp. Well, the letters must have been received, because the Mocha Coconut Frappuccino is BACK! Frappuccino? More like Frappucin-YES! Sorry.

We can’t take full credit for MCF’s (a nickname we coined exactly one second ago) triumphant return, because as it turns out, we’re not the only ones who fell deeply in love with the blended mocha. Customers far and wide have been demanding its return, and Starbucks definitely delivered (they don’t actually physically deliver, though. . . yet).

In case you’re wondering what makes this beverage so delicious, here’s all the goodness it contains, according to the website: The “Mocha Coconut Frappuccino® blended beverage is made with Starbucks signature Frappuccino® Roast coffee blended with mocha sauce, coconut syrup, milk, and ice, and then topped with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and toasted coconut flakes.” They had us at “toasted coconut flakes.” Also at “Mocha.” And “Frappuccino.”

Here she is:

What are you waiting for? Go get one! The Frapps are available starting today but will only last until supplies run out. Which, based on how many times we’ve already made a trip over to our local Starbucks today . . . well, that might be soon. But in the off-chance that you don’t have a Starbucks on every corner of your town, don’t panic — the new bottled Frappuccino Mocha Coconut is available year-round in participating groceries.

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[Featured images via Starbucks]