One Direction just set six world records

One Direction, four boys, six world records. The world’s judgiest organization (in a good way), the Guinness World Records, just handed the dreamiest foursome since The Beatles a whole bunch of validation.

The boys set six new official world records. Here they are, in all their glory:

There might be more world records in the future for Louis, Niall, Liam, and Harry, with “Drag Me Down” already getting one million likes in one day (a Vevo record).

In the meantime, though, we can think of some more records that One Direction deserves to win…

Best hair across the board

I mean, look at 1D compared to other boy bands from the past. Although he now has his hair game together, Justin Timberlake’s frosted tips really dragged *NSYNC down. All of the boys of 1D have their hair on-point, Insta-worthy, and touchable, 24/7.

Best 4/5ths of original band

Love you Zayn, miss you Zayn.

Most amazing fan base

Directioners are LOYAL and INTENSE, from penning and expertly-GIFing fan theories about the intricacies of the relationships between band members on Tumblr, to analyzing the band’s outfits, tattoos, and sleep schedules expertly. One Direction fans do NOT play around. One Direction fans are legion.

Band best at singing directly to you

Somehow, 1D lyrics always nail the line between general and specific juuuust right, so you feel like any song could be (probably is) about you. Wait, I smile at the ground — I could be the girl in “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful.” In “One Thing,” the boys never actually name what that “one thing” is. There are many things that are true about me. Any of them could be that one thing. Looking forward to their next song, which I’m sure is also about me (and about you and about every Directioner ever).

Congrats, boys! Here’s to more record-breaking and heart-melting in the future.

(Image via Instagram.)

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