This is the One Direction/Taylor Swift mash-up of our dreams

ICYMI, One Direction released their third single from the upcoming album, Made in the A.M. on Friday. The track, which will be third on the record, is called, “Perfect,” and it requires few additional adjectives to describe it. Because the song is so dreamy and ethereal, fans have been comparing its sound to Taylor Swift’s “Style” all weekend.

One fan decided to show the world that these two singles shouldn’t be compared; they should be partnered. Vimeo user Emily Sachs uploaded this mash-up of “Perfect” and “Style,” and it’s almost as amazing as Harry Styles’ man bun. When played over top of each other, the two songs seem to share an instrumental track – that’s how similar they are. Plus, Taylor and the boys sing in really similar tones. If we didn’t know better, they could all be hanging out in the same room, singing these songs at the exact same time.

Perfect x Style – @emilys1DAF from Emily Sachs on Vimeo.

The similarities in sound between “Perfect” and “Style” are a little ironic – the lyrics depict two completely different relationships. Taylor sings about a love that, “will never go out of style,” while One Direction describes more of a fling:

The same Internet instigators who tried to connect “Style” with Harry Styles (seems a bit easy, doesn’t it?) are claiming that “Perfect” is a message from Harry to Taylor. Sure, the lyrics say, “If you’re looking for someone to write your breakup songs about/Baby, I’m perfect,” but that does not mean this track is about our favorite cat lady. Lots of people write breakup songs. Heck, I wrote a sad breakup song the other day after eating a bagel too fast. (Miss you everyday, bagel.) So let’s not jump to any crazy conclusions, Internet.

Listen to the “Perfect x Style” mash-up here.

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