One Direction is directly responsible for resurrecting Burger King’s chicken fries

Everyone bow down to One Direction–we have them to thank for Burger King bringing back everybody’s favorite chicken fries. For those who may not remember, the fries were originally sold between 2005 and 2012, but then taken off the menu. We lived in a chicken-fry-less world for three years. Last year, however, things began to change.

First, there was a surge of chicken fry mentions on Twitter in January 2014, thanks to a Buzzfeed article called “35 Foods From Your Childhood That Are Extinct Now.” Sad face.

But then, Liam Payne posted the tweet that changed everything:

Now, there are a few mysteries that come with this tweet, the main one being, in May 2014, chicken fries were not being served at Burger King. Where did Liam get them? Perhaps he had secret access, or was eating the chicken fries of a competitor (signs point to the Colonel). Either way, after over 94,000 retweets, Burger King noticed.

A representative told the Associated Press  that “whatever he meant, it certainly helped catapult ‘Chicken Fries’ into pop culture consciousness.”

The fries were brought back last summer as a limited-time offer, but were so popular that they were permanently reinstated this past March. According to Burger King, chicken fries, which will cost you a measly $3 for nine of those bad boys. And if the restaurant happens to be playing One Direction, then you’ll remember who to thank.

Could Liam’s next tweet ask Burger King to bring some chicken fries right to our doors? Kthx.

(Image via Burger King)


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