These watercolor tattoos are absolutely blowing us away

The amount of artistry in modern tattoo designs is simply breathtaking. Meant to showcase everything from fandom affiliations to family history, ink has transcended its bad boy history to embrace a variety of styles and forms that showcase the medium’s much more diverse clientele. One such innovation in the style: Watercolor tattoos, particularly those of Czech artist Ondry Konupčík, who goes by the online handle Ondrash.

Rife with nature and space imagery, Ondrash’s tattoos are explosions of color and shape, with inks seemingly blending organically into each other as they would if they were watercolor paint. Bodies are always the canvases of tattoos, but his work takes this metaphor to its natural conclusion. The end result: Stunning ink paintings adorning some very lucky peoples’ bodies.

Tattoos, despite their relative permanence, don’t necessarily have to have strong meanings associated with them. But in the case of Ondrash’s tattoos, the sheer beauty and uniqueness of his work are meaning enough. Now, who else is looking up plane tickets to the Czech Republic?

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Images via Instagram.

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