Henry rides a motorcycle through a portal in the “Once Upon A Time” season premiere, and you have our attention

When ABC’s long-running show, Once Upon A Time, picks back up in the fall, we’re going to see some very familiar places in a brand new setting. Season 7 will be sort of a “reboot,” and while we’ll still have Regina, Hook, and Rumple to guide us through our magical adventure, some new faces are joining the cast. And in one instance, an old face has grown up into a new face — Henry Mills isn’t a little kid anymore.

During the Once Upon A Time panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the audience in Ballroom 20 was treated to the opening of the Season 7 premiere. An undisclosed amount of time has passed since the Season 6 finale, and OG Henry is still the Author (a title that he’ll carry around for probably his whole life). However, he wants to find a new story. Even more so, he wants to find his own story. So, the leather jacket clad Henry tells his family he’s going and climbs onto August’s motorcycle (!!) and rides through a magical, fire portal (!!??) and he’s off.

(Pause for one hot second, because it’s time to talk about the fact that I will dearly miss Jared S. Gilmore playing Henry, because even though he is still a youngin’, he is clearly on his way to Neville Longbottom-ing, and it’s a damn shame he’s leaving OUAT. The end.)

(However, here is new Henry 2.0, so like, we’re still doing fine.)

It’s in this ~new~ Enchanted Forest that Henry literally almost runs over Cinderella with his motorcycle. As we’ve already been told, this new Cinderella (played by Dania Ramirez), is the mother of Henry’s daughter Lucy — and she’s the one who pops up at the end of the Season 6 finale.

And since this is Once Upon A Time, no walk in the Enchanted Forest ever has a happy ending, Henry soon finds himself in trouble and has to call on his family to help. However, the only ones who show up are his adoptive mom Regina, his step-dad Hook, and his grandfather Rumple (oh so holidays in the Charming house won’t be awkward at all).


The audience was only treated to a trailer for the upcoming season, where it was revealed that Hook is now a cop (so many questions) and Regina now maybe owns a bar (SO MANY QUESTIONS). We’re just going to have to wait and see what happens next when the show picks up for Season 7 on October 6th.