“Once Upon A Time” execs just dropped a HUGE spoiler about the Savior!

Last week during San Diego Comic-Con, Once Upon A Time fans learned an exciting new secret: Emma Swan is not the only Savior on the show.


According to Entertainment Weekly, audiences at the OUAT panel watched a sneak peek showing the opening sequence of season 6, which features new characters Aladdin, played by Deniz Akdeniz, and Jafar, portrayed by Oded Fehr.

In the clip, Jafar tracks down a shaking, weak Aladdin and taunts him, telling Aladdin that Saviors are required to give all of themselves. He then says, “That’s why you never, ever hear these words about a Savior: ‘They lived happily ever after.’”

Executive producer Edward Kitsis elaborated on the clip, saying, “The very first thing we’re hoping is that people realize Emma wasn’t the first.” This is a huge Savior reveal, one that spawns a number of other questions — for example, can there be more than one Savior at a time, or does the duty get passed from person to person when a previous Savior dies? Also, is there a Savior in every land?

Hopefully, though, these questions — and more — will be answered.

Kitsis went on to say, “Once you realize that Emma wasn’t the first, then it makes you wonder, ‘Well, last year we learned about the Dark One mythology. Is this year when we learn about the Savior mythology?’ And the answer would be yes.”

The producers do note that while we’ll definitely get a more in-depth look at Saviors in general, the season is truly about what it means to be a Savior — the pressures of constantly fighting, and whether someone bearing that responsibility ever gets to have their own happiness.


In season 6, Emma will contend with these questions, and learn that she’s not the first Savior. Aladdin’s story will provide a parallel to her narrative.

Kitsis was careful not to reveal all the details — when asked whether Emma and Aladdin meet in season 6, he simply said, “I hope so,” an answer that keeps the Savior mythology shrouded in mystery — and definitely piques our interest even more.

Sadly, we still have a couple months to wait before we’re treated to more details: The new season of Once Upon A Time premieres Sunday, Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. (Though, that means plenty of time to re-watch/binge seasons 1-5, amirite?)

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