Time to freak out: Neal is coming back to “Once Upon A Time”

The very complicated Emma Swan and Killian Jones (aka, Captain Hook) relationship is about to be hit with another curve ball. And yes, it’s already pretty complicated right now seeing as how Hook is kinda dead, but what’s coming next is even more shocking than that: Neal Cassidy coming back to Once Upon A Time, and he’s sure to bring back lots of ~FEELINGS~.

Michael Raymond-James is set to reprise his role as Neal in this world, Balefire in the Enchanted Forest, during the  show’s upcoming 100th episode. As you know, because maybe you cried about it when it happened, Neal died in the middle of Season 3, after sacrificing himself to save his father. It was a huge moment for the show, and also for Emma, since his death happened right in the middle of the epic Emma-Hook-Neal love triangle.

With Neal coming back — even if he is dead — more than likely it’s going to make everything even more complicated. One, you know, because he’s dead. And two, because Hook is also dead. More than likely, Emma won’t be allowed to save all her dead lovers, which is a weird sentence to type, I know.

Oh, and also don’t forget that Rumpelstiltskin has been beating himself up for the last two seasons over the fact that he’s the reason his son is dead (and oddly enough let Robin Hood move into his apartment in NYC, but that’s another story). There’s ALSO the fact that Henry, as the newly minted Author, asked to bring his dad back by re-writing the story. That idea was shot down, and it’s safe to assume that everyone — really, EVERYONE — is going to be a little shocked/amazed/confused/overjoyed to see him agin.


The show has also been dropping subtle (and sometimes, huge) hints that he’ll return for the past two seasons. It’s about damn time.

However, it sounds like Neal’s appearance will be limited to only one episode, the 100th. BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to hold out hope that he’ll come back again some time in the future — like the long teased explanation as to how Neal and August know one another.

And come on, guys, everyone on the show has died like AT LEAST ONCE, and then brought back to life. Like, come on, Snow White and Charming share a heart. OUAT can figure out a way to bring Neal back for a little while.