The “Once Upon a Time” finale is going to be insane — and crazy awkward

This Sunday is a big day for all the Oncers out there because a two-hour finale is on the horizon and, based on the sneak peek we just watched, it’s going to be… awkward.

Spoiler alert! When we last caught up with the residents of Storybooke, we felt the need to dress in all black. Robin Hood was being laid to rest by his love Regina. This was after he sacrificed his life for her at the hand of Hades. As for Emma, she was partaking in her own form of mourning as she grieved for Hook, who had been left behind in the Underworld.


However, mid-grieving, Emma was stopped by someone we didn’t see coming back: Hook. Somehow, he made his way back from the Underworld. And who helped him on this journey, you ask? It was none other than Zeus, who wanted to reward Hook for working to vanquish his brother Hades.

Now this is where the path to awkwardness begins. Instead of spreading the news of Hook’s miraculous return, Emma said nothing. So, when Hook randomly shows up in the middle of Granny’s, the uncomfortableness is palpable – especially considering that Regina just lost Robin. To be fair, Emma did try to tell Regina beforehand, but was interrupted when a stream of magic burst from the library.


As the magic streamed out and made the ground shake, Hook ran into Granny’s to make sure Emma was safe. Zelena exclaims, “What the bloody hell is the pirate doing here?” Everyone looks on in shock. “We thought we left you in the Underworld,” states David.

Aye, you did. But, now I’m back,” replies Hook.


It will be interesting to see what magical mayhem results from this shocking twist. Luckily, we have two hours to find out.

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