Hold the storybook, these new “Once Upon A Time” photos suggest that Emma Swan is pregnant

When it comes to babies, Once Upon A Time doesn’t have a super great track record. There’s Emma, who was essentially orphaned when her parents, Snow White and Prince Charming, sent her through a portal to escape the Evil Queen. There’s Robyn, who Robin Hood thought was his baby with Maid Marian but was really his baby with Zelena — his girlfriend’s sister. Also, don’t forget Gideon, Belle and Rumple’s baby who like…well, basically tried to destroy everything from the future and it got hella complicated.

So hopefully, if these new Once Upon A Time pictures are to be believed, Emma and Hook’s little one fairs a little bit better — whether in the Enchanted Forest or the real world remains to be seen.

Though Jennifer Morrison left the ABC series at the end of Season 6, she promised she’d come back for one episode to wrap up the savior’s story. That episode is this Sunday, “A Pirate’s Life.” In this ~new~ OUAT, everyone has brand new memories and personas, but it sure looks like Killian Jones remembers something about Emma. While flipping through Adult Henry’s “Once Upon A Time” book in the season premiere, he lands on a picture of his former flame and lingers for a sec, like he knows this is true love.

But what about before the new curse set in?

While we don’t know the details of Emma’s return to the Enchanted Forest, these new pictures show that somehow she meets back up with her son and her husband, and it’s quite a joyous reunion with lots of hugging, kissing, and placing hands over stomachs, the age old telltale sign that someone is PREGNANT.


If this is a real thing that OUAT is doing, then that’s pretty exciting. Babies are great! But also I have so many questions, like how is Emma going to have a baby and just have Hook be MIA in his own new world of Hyperion Heights? When did this happen? Is Emma living in the Enchanted Forest right now — and is Hook with her? They’re still married so like how is this going to work for the rest of the season/series/huh?

Even more pressing, why is it an OUAT staple for parents to have kids that then grow up to be literally the same age as them, because no one ages on this show? 

OUAT also has a pretty cool trend of naming babies after recently deceased characters (Robin, Neal), so what’s the baby’s name going to be? August? (I honestly cannot remember if August is dead or not, but…maybe?)

Anyhoo. We’ll find out soon if baby makes three…I mean four. Because Henry is still around. This won’t be weird at all.