Watch Hook fumble with a door in this “Once Upon A Time” blooper reel, because doors are hard

Ah, the residents of Storybrooke, they’re just like us! They, too, can sometimes find themselves confused by doors and how to work them, especially when it comes to opening them. But we totally understand how Hook can have some trouble with a ~cRaZy~ door, seeing as how he only has one hand after all…

Once Upon A Time just released the blooper reel from Season 5, and it is going to have us LOL-ing all the way until Season 6. Though short, it packs in a lot of great moments, and so many great flubs from all our favorite Storybrooke characters. Hey, having magical powers can be tough, okay?

Other highlights include the fact that David (Josh Dallas) seems to do a Chewbacca impression at one point, because why not, and Regina (Lana Parrilla) forgets her lines. And so does Colin O’Donoghue. Multiple times. It appears as if being on set with Hook is just one long party.

It might be all fun and games right now, but it won’t be when Once Upon A Time kicks off their sixth season on September 25th. So go ahead and get your giggles in now, because no one is going to be laughing once the Evil Queen returns to her old tricks. Or maybe they will be. We’ll have to wait for the Season 6 blooper reel to find out.