OMG: Wet n Wild’s super affordable rainbow highlighter is finally back in stock AND on sale

We have no shame when it comes to all things unicorn and rainbow and we can’t tell you how absolutely DELIGHTED we are to see that Wet N Wild’s rainbow highlighter is not only back in stock, but it’s on sale for Cyber Monday! The beauty goddesses have shown mercy on our November-battered souls. After we all collectively lost our minds over all things rainbow this past year, we eagerly scooped up as many products as we could, with most of them selling out almost instantly. Wet N Wild’s highlighter was one of our favorites because of how affordable it is, so we were especially crushed to see it out of stock. But weep no more, my little angels, for our time is nigh!

Don’t waste any time before heading over to Wet N Wild and picking up your own Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter, because they’ll be gone before you know it!

And can you believe they’re only $5.99?!

If there’s one way to stand out at all our impending holiday parties, it’s with a cheek full of color!

As if that weren’t enough, their entire site is 25% off!

Isn’t it just too much?

Don’t let them run out again without you getting your hands on your very own unicorn highlighter. You deserve to look like the shimmering, magical being that you truly are!

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