OMG This vlogger curled her hair with Cheetos, and it…worked?!

If you think you’ve tried just about every wacky beauty tutorial there is out there, think again. YouTube beauty vloggers are out there pushing the envelope with new and zany beauty crazes, and we think we may have found one of the most surprising one yet! Bunny Meyer, AKA, Grav3yardgirl, who is known for her enthusiastic and unique tutorials, has come up with the most shockingly effective, and totally bizarre, hair curling tutorial we’ve seen in a while: Cheeto curls!


Think about it, is it really that much of a stretch? It’s basically the same shape and size as using rag rolls or a small barrel curling iron, if you can get past the cheese-factor. After admitting to having consumed the first bag of Cheetos from her stash (who are we kidding, wouldn’t you?), Meyer gets to work.

She starts by rolling her damp hair up in individual Cheetos and pinning them to her head with bobby pins.


It’s as messy as you might think it would be, with Cheeto dust flying everywhere. But, guys? It doesn’t look nearly as gross as you might have imagined.

It takes Meyer a good 45 minutes to get all the Cheetos in her hair, but once in they are pretty firmly secured!


It also didn’t take anywhere near as many Cheetos as she thought they would, so she gets three extra bags of Cheetos leftover to eat. Win, win! She does admit that her skin is starting to get slightly irritated in places where the Cheetos are touching her face, so it’s not unlikely that a breakout could soon ensue. A worthy trade-off, no?

Meyer uses a nifty hair dryer bonnet to set the curls and leaves it on for about 40 minutes.


When she takes the Cheeto curlers out, we were seriously shocked to see that not only was her hair not a gross, orange mess — she had a legit head full of curls!


Like, Taylor Swift in the old days type curls! Meyer even admits that the Cheeto grease made her hair feel like it just got a hydrating treatment, which is something to think about next time you’re gonna spend your money on a new hair mask!


Look at how thrilled she is! That is the face of a woman who cannot believe her time spent putting Cheetos in her hair actually paid off. What do you think, would you ever dare? At least if you ever misplaced your curling iron, you can always turn to your snack pantry to find a worthy substitute.

Watch the entire process, below:

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