OMG, Tina Fey is working on a Christmas movie, and it’s going to be incredible

We’re sure that this Saturday Night Live alum will create an ultimate classic. It seems like Tina Fey is working on a Christmas movie about two men who are, more or less, Santa Claus in their own community. Based on a true story, we seriously can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out.

The movie will focus around what is known as “The Miracle on 22nd Street.” For many years, Jim Glaub and Dylan Parker received letters addressed to Santa around Christmas. Instead of dismissing them, they eventually decided to try and make a few dreams come true.

After some time, Glaub and Parker set up a Facebook page that allowed the community to help chip in and fulfill childhood requests. It goes without saying that the pair helped make many dreams come true.

While the previous tenants had warned the couple that letters might appear, the two just saw the amount of Santa mail increase. Both of them had no clue why the letters were arriving in the first place.

"They never answered them because it was only three or four letters a year," Glaub said to People. "And the first two years I lived there, it was that exact thing. I’d get three letters and I didn’t really think anything of it. I was like, ‘Oh, sorry — wrong number.'"

But after three turned into hundreds, Glaub and Parker decided to take action, and make a few dreams come true.

Fey was, of course, inspired by the story.

While it’s unclear as to whether or not the movie will be fictional, or more of a documentary about how this project came to light is still up in the air, but no matter what direction she decides to take it in, we know it’ll be good.

Glaub hopes that having the movie come to life will only inspire more people to help children in need around the holiday season.

"If this movie goes on a national level and becomes a classic — not that it could or will — but the fact that people could be inspired to help families out after see the movie will be a real win," he said.

Just seeing some of these incredible letters is a reminder that there’s still so much good in the world.

We think that Glaub and Parker are such inspiring people, and love the fact that Tina Fey is taking their incredible story to the big screen!

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