OMG this self-making bed is a lazy girls’ dream come true

To us lazy girls, making the bed everyday was the first chore we gave up the second we stopped getting allowances.  But this self-making bed is a dream come true. Because seriously, making your bed in the morning can feel like the ultimate Sisyphean task: Why should we make our beds if we’re just going to mess it up later that day? And who has time for ‘hospital corners’ when we could be working on perfecting the cat-eye or just getting extra minutes of shut-eye before work?

It turns out that there are many reasons why you should make your bed, and doing it can actually change your life. Don’t worry though, because some geniuses in Canada just invented a ‘smart’ duvet cover so your bed can make itself.

Tina Cayouette, the inventor of SMARTDUVET told BBC News,

"There are a lot more lazy people than we think."

A statement I think we can all agree with.

Cayouette and her team are crowdfunding the SMARTDUVET on Kickstarter, where they include a full breakdown of how the app-controlled bedspread fills with air to unfold itself and lie perfectly flat onto the mattress.

Yes, technology is a beautiful thing.

With the recent revelation that top sheets are totally pointless, we now don’t have to worry about the pesky tangled messes that those can become at some point during our beloved REM cycles.Now that we don’t have to waste time folding, unfolding, detangling, or tucking, we can put our energy towards more productive things, and leave our beds to be the pure sources of relaxation that they should be.

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