OMG this little bald eagle hatching looks exactly how you feel on New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day is a time to begin anew, to burst forth out of your shell into a new, beautiful thing ready to take on the world. That’s sort of what this baby bald eagle, named E9, did today on the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam, where it was one of two little eagle eggs born to parents Harriett and M15. New father M15 celebrated by sitting on top of the kids to keep them warm  —E9’s sibling has not yet hatched. But E9 is kinda cute — in that gooey, new bird kind of way. OK, who are we kidding? He looks like hell.

As the New York Daily News notes, mother Harriett has become viral internet fodder before, in 2012 when 16 million people watched her and an eagle named Ozzie hatch two other baby eagles. Ozzie was killed in a violent altercation with M15, because hey we guess there can only be one.

Meanwhile, E9 emerged from its shell looking tousled and extremely groggy, which is basically how we are waking up on New Year’s Day — not quite ready to make good on all those promises we made between rounds of champagne.

Welcome to the very end of a ferociously terrible year, little eaglet.