OMG there’s a new ‘Gilmore Girls’ featurette and it’s 2 minute and 40 seconds of perfection

Why is life so good to us? Somebody find the answer to that question while we’re watching this new Gilmore Girls featurette. Yes people, all of our good karma has finally paid off because this preview is 1) actually a real thing and 2) it’s two minutes and 40 seconds of absolute perfection. Seriously, we haven’t been this pumped since news broke about the Gilmore Girls festival so needless to say, the fangirling vibes are beyond intense right now.

The clip titled “We’re Back” gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the upcoming Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life special, including appearances by the Gilmore Girls supporting cast who discuss literally everything you’d want to know about the show, from what it was like to shoot the first scene to how the cast felt about the show’s potential in the beginning (hai, Luke).

It opens with a flashback of the Rory and Logan’s famous umbrella scene and a moment between Sookie St. James and Lorelai that nearly sent us over the edge.

Also, this moment between Rory and Lorelai that appears in the featurette accurately sums up our intense obsession with Gilmore Girls:


Seriously, we cannot wait to return to Stars Hollow (although in our minds, we never left) when this special hits Netflix on Nov. 25th. But for now, we must try to calm ourselves, something that can only be done by re-watching this clip and shamelessly daydreaming over these new pics of the Gilmore Girls cast.

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